How it all began…

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It’s quite bizarre really…I never thought a trip to the post office could spawn the next coming of radio. It started, like most things do, with initial contact from one radio folk to another. The idea: a gay cultured station for Dublin which would run over the week of Pride.

Within a matter of days, we had a concept and arranged a meeting with the Dublin Pride Committee, a copious bunch of retro gays who’ll do anything for the cause.

Basically we didn’t want the station to be Gloria Gaynor on steroids, they agreed, through a communicative hand gesture which plagues the gays. Now we’re here.

So what’s next? Well, radio is an exciting medium and its never- to my knowledge- been used to both highlights the causes of the gay community and to reach out to everyday society.

What surprised me the most was that guys, usually straight who prefer a pint and the star on a Friday after a hard day at the building site, do actually think we gays only listen to camp music and act like women.

Yes, this may be true for a minority within the gay community, but a majority are diverse who have a variety of tastes. Some may like MGMT or Kings of Leon while others may like house music or electro. Others might like watching Glee while some may like watching rugby. It’s a premise which Open FM will stand for, diversity.

We hope you’ll stay put and tune in.

Liam Cahill


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