Sundays are so gay

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I’m Liam Cahill the Deputy Station Manager here at Open FM. So as I write this it’s Sunday and what a boring and pointless day it is. For many, it’s a day to recover from the previous night’s adventures. But for me, it’s spent food shopping and catching up on the weeks’ news. You see I’m self-confessed news and political junkie (usually U.S. focused).

So, what does this week bring in terms of Open FM? Well, when we do eventually settle on a proper time, Open FM’s management meeting can be very productive. If you’re lucky, you may even be given a cheese sandwich. Although, being a gym bunny I tend to pretend I had a large lunch.

This week, we’re focusing on sponsorship, the heart of any radio station, in a bid to get Open FM’s fiscal ball rolling, with that said we’re not far off.

Also this week we’ll add a few more stops to our recruitment drive, where you ask? Well, DIT for a start.

So, the week has lots of meetings- what’s new. But this is for certain, I’ve spent the last ten minutes, while writing this blog, listening to music which we’ll play on the station. New music will be a must. But, what if we play the odd classic from the 80s or 90s? The playlist is due to be discussed in a few weeks. And I’m sure, someone will mention Gloria Gaynor! It won’t be me.


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