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Well, what can I say OpenFM is going smoothly and looking great, all down to a fantastic team that I can happily say has given me the chance to get involved!

So firstly let me introduce myself my name is Jill and I am starting a new career in the world of journalism! Currently, I am working at everything I can possibly do in 24 hours but loving it all the same and I feel Open FM is a great way to escape it all.

My career path started and still is in the world of art, not an artist myself I never had the creative flair for it, I decided to get involved in the business side of it all. I studied for an MA in Art Business in London and also worked in different art organisations over there. I thought coming back to work in the arts sector in Ireland a year and a half ago was a brilliant idea…..little did I know like everyone else that the big ‘R’ word was looming in the distance and money and buyers became scarce in this sector. This led to one of the best moves I have ever made and that was doing a year course in Journalism, yes people 6 years later of study and some work in between I think this may be my final career move….for the moment anyway!

Getting involved in OpenFM was like any other Irish story, I knew someone who knew someone and they gave me the chance to get involved and the rest is history! Having close friends in the gay community, it is really only in the last year as a straight girl (I say girl as women sound way out of my league yet!) that I am getting to know more about all aspects of the LGBT community and I love it. Everyone who has been so helpful and my budding career has been so well supported by you guys.

The reason I got involved in OpenFM is that I want more people to know about the LGBT community and why shouldn’t they. OpenFM is about diversity and bringing everyone together, it is for everyone and it gives all communities a chance to view their thoughts, on the blog, on-air or by e-mail.

I want to be able to get involved in the LGBT community and open it out to everyone. So keep watch for more blogs from me.




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