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The Internet is a very interesting place. While I was in college copious amounts of time was spent surfing the web for Interesting story Ideas and the latest political news. Of course, there’s a stage in everyone’s life when you realize there’s more to the Internet than dull stories and the latest academic journal on the Americanization of modern Ireland- thanks to MTV. This new-found thing is, of course, gay dating sites.

It’s a funny thing, you log on sit back and see what people say. For instance, besides meeting the OpenFM team this week, I found myself lost in the wilderness of ‘asl’ lingo. It took me around 4 days to figure out what they were talking about and when I did i thought those now meaningless abbreviations had so much potential.

What about, ‘wab’ which translates as want a boyfriend? or ‘ypac’ your pictures are cute. They were having none of it apparently. Besides my gay dating antics, the Internet recently came home to the mecca of gay culture in Dublin  – OpenFM.ie.

Ok so maybe it’s not a ‘mecca’ but it certainly is trying to be. Hours of blood, sweat and tears were spent by Sam and Emma slaving over every detail to deliver perfection. Now, it’s still a work in progress, but I know you guys will love what we are trying to do.

OpenFM.ie is the gateway to our kingdom with blogs, profiles, music info and the latest news on the station. It’s a bit better than those gay dating websites, well sometimes.

Liam Cahill

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