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15 May 2010

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No he didn’t, yes he did!

Here in the United States there’s a serious LGBT controversy involving a provocative Newsweek article which asserts LGBT actors can’t play straight roles. In other words you, pinky, should take off the Abercrombie T-shirt right now and stop calling girls your honey- you’re only fooling yourself. We both know, you ...

05 March 2010

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Gays and Music

From the outset the opening premise was clear: what she wanted was love, what she desired was a guy and somehow it was to be kept a secret. The throbbing beat of the song kicks in much like a car backfiring followed by smoke escaping into the night sky which ...

05 March 2010

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Just an introduction

This is just a little note to introduce myself to all, my name is Jill and I am the proud member of OpenFM. This involvement came about in random ways as it always does in Ireland, it is a friend of a friend who knows someones cousin…you get the idea ...

24 February 2010

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Sunday Night Bingo at the George

Thanks to OpenFM, I finally made the decision to get my ass in to gear and drag myself and my other half along to the George on Sunday night. I felt it was about time and now being involved with the new station I thought I’d be a bad gay if ...

20 February 2010

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Coming Out – the realisation

I was pretty late coming out. Officially, the 23rd of June 2005, at the age of 31. Most of my close friends all knew, although for me it was like shedding a great weight from my shoulders. Something I had shrouded myself in for years. The word GAY held me ...

19 February 2010

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Hey, what’s your ASL?

The Internet is a very interesting place. While I was in college copious amounts of time was spent surfing the web for Interesting story Ideas and the latest political news. Of course, there’s a stage in everyone’s life when you realize there’s more to the Internet than dull stories and ...

11 February 2010

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OpenFM – Press Release – Feb 2010

It’s a new day for Irish radio as OpenFM aims to be Dublin’s first gay cultured radio station Dublin – Ireland, February 1st 2010. Ready for a new sound on radio? In June/July 2010, subject to BAI approval, OpenFM will become Ireland’s first gay cultured radio station broadcasting across Dublin and we’re now hiring! OpenFM aims to highlight ...

07 February 2010

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Sundays are so gay

I’m Liam Cahill the Deputy Station Manager here at Open FM. So as I write this it’s Sunday and what a boring and pointless day it is. For many, it’s a day to recover from the previous night’s adventures. But for me, it’s spent food shopping and catching up on ...

10 December 2009

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The Team is created

After receiving the call from Emma, I was very interested in the idea. In some way, I had been looking for something like this to come along. I had always found the experience of working in radio as incredibly satisfying. The thought of being involved in creating a new station ...

06 December 2009

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How it all began…

It’s quite bizarre really…I never thought a trip to the post office could spawn the next coming of radio. It started, like most things do, with initial contact from one radio folk to another. The idea: a gay cultured station for Dublin which would run over the week of Pride. ...

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