15 May 2010

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No he didn’t, yes he did!

Here in the United States there’s a serious LGBT controversy involving a provocative Newsweek article which asserts LGBT actors can’t play straight roles. In other words you, pinky, should take off the Abercrombie T-shirt right now and stop calling girls your honey- you’re only fooling yourself. We both know, you ...

11 April 2010

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The news starts anew

I never forget my early days as a snotty-nosed teenager- fixated with the inner workings of a newsroom. It wasn’t that I was freakishly concerned with how the story was made- I was more encapsulated by how a person could get to be on TV or radio. My first time ...

10 March 2010

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Things have a way of working out

Well, what can I say OpenFM is going smoothly and looking great, all down to a fantastic team that I can happily say has given me the chance to get involved! So firstly let me introduce myself my name is Jill and I am starting a new career in the ...

07 February 2010

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Sundays are so gay

I’m Liam Cahill the Deputy Station Manager here at Open FM. So as I write this it’s Sunday and what a boring and pointless day it is. For many, it’s a day to recover from the previous night’s adventures. But for me, it’s spent food shopping and catching up on ...

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