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Well, Easter is here again and another nice long bank holiday in front of us! For some reason, I seem to be getting fearful due to the fact that I have nothing planned to do over the weekend! I know a lot of people have plans, nothing crazy but going home to family etc. I live near my family so going home to see them is not out of the ordinary! Why so fearful to just ‘be’?

I think it is because I am always running around and when I have time off I feel like I have nothing to do and that I should be doing something! These weekend do not come around often enough and there is always a feeling that you should make the most of them, go away, take a day trip. Can I just put my feet up and take it easy? Should I be going on some lovely long killer hike…eh maybe not!

Does anyone else ever have a problem with switching off and just taking a weekend like this and just go with the flow?

It is something I need to work on…..I will keep you posted!


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