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This is just a little note to introduce myself to all, my name is Jill and I am the proud member of OpenFM. This involvement came about in random ways as it always does in Ireland, it is a friend of a friend who knows someones cousin…you get the idea but it was Sam Lyons who got me involved and so far the whole thing looks brilliant. I know it is going to sounds great.
So it is a new era for radio and for one week we are going to get the air waves going.
I want to explain to you a little more about my background, my road to radio is only starting! Prior to taking a career change into the world of journalism I was and still am very involved in the art sector. This is what my background has been in but in the business side of art, this meant working in galleries, art charities and most of all promoting young artists. Since the R world became very dominint in Ireland it became harder to sustain a job in this sector so this is where the transformation to journalisim has come in and I love it.
The real push came when I saw there was not enough being written about young Irish artists, so I went back to do a Cert in journalism, which I am nearly finished! People have been super helpful but it comes with hard work. The LGBT community gave me my first leg up and I had a small feature published in THE magazine


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