Sunday Night Bingo at the George

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Thanks to OpenFM, I finally made the decision to get my ass in to gear and drag myself and my other half along to the George on Sunday night. I felt it was about time and now being involved with the new station I thought I’d be a bad gay if I couldn’t relate to the infamous Sunday Bingo @ The George. Okay, fair enough I’m only out of the closet 5 years, although what has stopped me from experiencing one of the most well known nights out in the gay world in Dublin. Like any good Catholic visits the pilgrimage at Knock, its our Pink Duty to see the Bingo night and drag soiree that follows. So off we went.

To say I was surprised would be to put it mildly. Funny, I get older and life seems to do that to me more and more. It was great. As anyone that knows me, I’m not the biggest fan of the George for a night out, although I will definitely by making more Sunday visits. The show began an hour later than I had heard, kicking of at 10pm. Shirley Temple Bar as everyone knows, well most good gays, opened the evening with four rounds of normal standard Bingo, interjected with her dry and witty humour. Thought it was good craic and I was amused to see how seriously the others drinkers paused to natter amongst themselves as she called out the numbers. Okay, free drinks were on offer for each round, with the Snowball round giving away €700, so I suppose in current economic climate, its to be expected.

What really got me was the aftershow. Professional, timed and talented. It had an energy and standard that I just wasn’t expecting. I’ve paid good money for terrible stage performances. The Sunday Bingo Drag Show was something that everyone, gay and straight should try, at least once. And in case you’re wondering, no, I was driving and therefore totally sober and on the water all night. Nearing 12 myself and Jojo stood up and moved closer to the stage. Bizarrilly, the place wasn’t that busy. I can’t imagine where else you could get free entertainment of this standard on a Sunday night. Tell your friends. Check it out. You wont be disappointed.

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